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2 Sep 2010
" was the perfect solution for my website needs. With great enthusiasm for their work, they created highest quality professional website at a price which I could afford. It was a joy to work with them. They made it easier than I had anticipated. Not only did VPGroup produce the exact look and feel of my business, but they also incorporated cutting edge ideas which enhance the effectiveness of the site. I was thoroughly impressed with how quickly they created my new site. They met all my requests faster than the time frame they quoted me. A rare occurrence with most businesses today! I love my new website and I am happy I chose VPGroup."
Vikas Choudary (M.D. V.P. Group), India
# 2
6 Sep 2010
"I want to express my sincere appreciation to everyone at GRLIndia for designing such an outstanding website for my business. I love it! You gave the magical ambiance I wanted, while increasing professionalism and functionality. The audio you added makes a huge difference. I was extremely impressed with the generous amount of time you spent hammering out every detail on all those pages. And for such a great price! You are the best value I’ve ever heard of for website design. Thank you! "
Surygyan Singh Yadav(M.D. Geconsultacny), India
# 3
12 Oct 2010
"From innovative proposals to a flexible willingness to work with our ideas, the Wray Technologies was a pleasure to work with developing our new and updated website. We proposed many complicated and challenging solutions for the site and the response was always a calm willingness to analyze and meet each challenge. The store allows for easy product management and the editor provides many features for easy page layout with a professional presentation. The e-newsletter provides a great way for us to let our customers know about our nutritional supplements and educational info. Thank you for a beautiful, functional site."
Rahul (M.D. Ecoedgeseeds), India
# 4
14 Nov 2010
"I looked at several website designing companies before I hired the Wray Technologies and it was one of the best choices I ever made. The overall service is 110%. I had no experience en designing websites but this was so easy. Other website companies start you off but then leave you hanging and don’t even show you how to use their tools. Its already happened to me before. I was so skeptical that it would happen again. But from the first call I made to the Wray Technologies till today I would never use any other company. Thank you the Wray Technologies for helping me create a quick loading easy to navigate and functional website. The best part of the whole experience was showing me how to use all the tools its so easy the name fits the site."
Sukhvinder SinghRahul (M.D. Vp Group), India
# 5
14 Nov 2010
"I'm was just starting out in business, but I knew that I had to have a website, because just having business cards, could not express all the things I do. As I consider myself to be a little technologically-challenged, the idea of having to manage my site and deal with codes, was very overwhelming. Fortunately I found Wray Technologies. Obviously it was the "easy" that caught my eye, and after talking with the good people at this company, I knew that I had come to the right place. From the very beginning they were attentive to my needs, answered my questions, and they are very personable; you will never get lost in the shuffle like a much larger corporation. But what was truly amazing was the creative design process. I expressed my ideas, and and within a very short period of time, my site was "alive" with color and personality that was beyond what I could have imagined. And the best part was that all I had to do to complete my site was cut and paste my copy from a simple Word doc and my site was good to go! As far as managing, well that's where Wray Technologies lives up to its name. There are no complicated codes or a time consuming process; all you do is log on to your site, and go to your editor page. Everything is familiar and easy to work with, and best of all the good people at Wray Technologies are always there for support. Now I can get down to the practice of running my business, not running a website! Thank you the Wray Technologies, for all your support and my fabulous website!
Rahul (M.D. Jaiganeshmppl),India
# 6
18 Nov 2010
We were in desperate need of a new website when the Wray Technologies called, and through a gentle sales approach, it became apparent that I needed to re-do it now rather than later. The ‘self editing’ feature of the new site that you would create was the defining factor for me, as I knew this could keep the site more fresh than a site that was only editable by a ‘webmaster’! Coupled with new codes that would attract the search engines, you and I both knew we had to make the change now. The process was extremely fast and easy, and the editing features were all I had hoped for. The basic home page design of the site really hit the mark and worked for all the other pages as well. Arek was able to handle any request I had and took the time to explain technical procedures in a way that I could understand and implement. I am now very proud of the new site and love to ‘escort’ potential customers to certain pages when I am explaining things. As almost 100% of our business involves the website, it was important to make it simple to understand, easy to navigate and tasteful. Already, after only one ‘live’ week, we are getting very positive comments about the ‘quality’ of our products, greatly due to how they are presented on our beautiful website. Thanks again for all your help in this effort and I look forward to reporting to you how the search engines have helped to bring in new business for us!
Rakesh Sharma(M.D. Krishnavi Group), India