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Desktop development is a broad term for the process of writing software that will run on standard computers including your desktop, laptop, or general purpose computer. The software being developed could be system software to help your operating system or application software. Application software is designed to perform a single or a related set of tasks, and includes things like games, word processors, and customized applications for enterprises.

We have made wide use of the controlling development platform; we have worked with skilled persons, we have as well worked with WinForms, XML web services etc. Our highly capable team and knowledgeable team also backed by skilled project managers to ensure that your project is delivered to schedule and on budget.

Desktop application development
  • Network management
  • Smart Client & XML Web Services
  • Desktop application development

Our experienced software developers, programmers work with you to realize your requirements and demonstrate the capabilities and develop the system to the necessities.

Marriage Registration

Marriage Registration is used by 1 users of Software Informer. The most popular version of this product among our users is 1.0. The names of program executable files are mrg.exe. The product will soon be reviewed by our informers.


  • Birth Registration & Certificate issue
  • Death Registration & Certificate issue
  • Hindu Marriage Registration & Certificate issue
  • Common marriage Registration & Certificate issue
  • e-filing of common marriage through akshaya, kudumbasree, internet kiosks, personal computer etc.
  • Verification Report and Acknowledgment Slip to Informer
  • Digitization of records which is registered before starting online registration
  • Name inclusion
  • Nonavailability Certificates
  • Corrections
  • Birth Registration of Adopted Child & Certificate issue
  • Extracts for Judicial purpose
  • Statistical Data collection
  • Daily, Monthly and Annual Reports
  • Summary Reports
  • Transaction Details of RCC is done through Software
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School Management System

School Management System is a complete school management software designed to automate a school's various operations. This management software very gracefully handles all the requirements for easy school management.
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  • Management school administration management.
  • Employee management.
  • Subject management.
  • Class management.
  • Student payments management.
  • Student behaviour management.
  • Payments Overview.
  • Subjects and assignments management.
  • Fees management.
  • Student assignment results management.
  • Student search.
  • Overdue students list.
  • Student management.
  • Student-Teacher interaction.
  • Teacher Management.
  • Teacher-Parents interaction.
  • Parents Management.
  • Parents-Student interaction.
  • Parents-Teacher interaction.
  • Records management.
  • Notification board management.
  • Management relationships between different type of users.
  • Online Payment acceptance of FEE.
  • Stock inventory management.
  • Semester management.
  • Reports generator.
  • SMS Alerts.

School Administration

  • Manage Students,Teachers,parents and Donors.
  • Manage Students Result.
  • Manage Notification about School.
  • Define Classes & Subjects For student & teachers.
  • Generate Fee Sturcture for School.
  • Generate Reports.


  • Manage Students homework.
  • Assign homework.
  • Share homework on social networking sites (facebook).
  • Manage classes.
  • Manage Student Report.
  • Generate Remarks on Student Reports.
  • Generate Student Attendence.


  • Manage homework.
  • Share homework amoung friends, on social networking sites (facebook).
  • ReportCards.
  • Manage classes.
  • Manage Student Report.
  • Generate Remarks.


  • Checkin kids progress.
  • Parent-Teacher interaction.
  • Get alerts from School Administration or Teachers.


  • Donate amount on basis of Student progress.
  • Reports of his donation.

Material Stock Management Software

In today's fierce competitive business world, management needs to aim beyond survival. In the quest for market leadership a superior inventory software solution with advanced features like lot control, Kitting, Serial Number tracking and inventory management that is dependable, direct and robust.
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Inventory Control Features

  • Real-time inventory tracking - even between multiple stores/locations
  • Serial Number Tracking - SIMMS' Serial Number Tracking system manages an unlimited amount of serial numbers from the time they are received into inventory until the time they are issued. This information is permanently recorded in the system, allowing inventory control personnel access to a wealth of historical and validation information. The information maintained by the Serial Number Tracking system is extremely helpful when returning a defective item to your vendor or when verifying a returned item from your customer.
  • Wireless or Batch Data-Collecting Our optional SIMMS Windows Mobile Module is compatible with almost any Windows Mobile 5 or Pocket PC 2003 device and offers a wireless-based inventory software Solution...
    A powerful barcode solution, beginning with the implementation of the SIMMS Windows Mobile Module, streamlines your entire business process.
  • Barcode Printing - When it comes to producing barcodes, the SIMMS Barcode Module and SIMMS 2D Barcode Modules are the smart solution-increasing efficiency while lowering costs. We also offer complete hardware packages and customized solutions. We understand every industry has unique demands and SIMMS offers the most sophisticated barcode, label-making module in the industry.
  • Expiration Date Tracking - Assign expiration dates to items during or immediately after receiving items and more.
  • Manufacturer Lot Tracking - Easily and effortlessly assign items MFG lot information at the receipt of goods or kitting stage then select the lots when required for applicable transactions
  • Apparel Item Matrix (color/size/style) Our optional SIMMS Apparel Matrix module - Effectively manage apparel and footwear styles using one item number with multiple color and size labels With the Apparel Matrix Inventory feature
  • Item Images - With SIMMS Inventory Software you can assign as many item images as you wish to each inventory item, then select a default image for display in the Item Manager for easy reference.
  • Kitting/BOM - Do you assemble products before shipping them? If so, then SIMMS Advanced Kitting functionality is the perfect solution to help you manage production and kit assembly without material issues.
  • Multi-level Categories - Adding as many categories as you require has never been easier, and now you can create sub-sub-sub-categories just as easily, providing additional inventory item sorting capabilities within SIMMS.
  • Unit of Measurement Configuration- Define unique unit of measurement relationships per item. For example, you can configure Widget 123 to define a box as containing 12 eaches in addition to configure Widget ABC to define a box as containing 24 eaches.
  • Shipment Method Configuration - With SIMMS, shipment methods can be configured for contact, account number, phone numbers and address information.
  • Volume Pricing and Discounts Configuration - SIMMS Inventory Management Software makes the difficult task of percentage price discounts based on volume purchased as simple as 1-2-3.
  • Price Levels - With SIMMS, you can assign up to 12 unique price levels to each item then of course, assign a price level to your customer with ease.
  • Currency Manager [requires Multi-Currency module] - Our optional SIMMS Multi-Currency module delivers powerful and comprehensive Multi currency accounting functions. Sophisticated currency management and seamless transactions in any number of currencies provides a global competitive edge.
  • Tax Codes and Schedules - If you're selling into different States or Counties, you may have to collect the taxes and pass them onto the correct authorities. SIMMS will let you setup a series of tax codes and schedules for each area and then let you attach a customer or invoice to that area so that you can charge the correct sales tax rate.
  • Item Code Aliases - With SIMMS, you now have the capability of assigning your items as many aliases as you require, and relate your aliases to specific vendors and customers.
  • Multi-tier Stock Areas - Location codes can be made up of up to a 3-character warehouse code and up to a 10-character bin code and can be used in many different ways.
  • Physical Count/adjustments and Audit Trail for Inventory Adjustments - process simple or complexed physical count adjustments with ease either in SIMMS or the SIMMS Data collector module
  • Stock Transfer - With SIMMS, you have the freedom of transfering items from one location to another with an easy-to-use transaction interface.
  • Define Automatic Reorder Points - The Re-Order Point functionality found in SIMMS inventory software provides you with a listing of products and quantities that are needed for stock. The recommendation is based on Re-Order Points that are setup in each Inventory Record.
  • Define Sales and Purchasing Currency and Price - Our optional SIMMS Multi-Currency module delivers powerful and comprehensive Multi currency accounting functions. Sophisticated currency management and seamless transactions in any number of currencies provides a global competitive edge.
  • Powerful FIFO, LIFO, Average, Weighted Average and Standard Inventory Valuation Features - Easily select the Inventory Valuation/Sale Price Method you wish to utilize, the options available are Standard, FIFO, LIFO, Average and Weighted Average Costing
    • Automated SKU Management and Generation - The SKU Configurator can be used to determine the composition of the SKU number. Selection of some characters from the item's category, subcategory, vendor's part number, manufacturer or vendor will add them to the SKU number's format. Users can instead choose that an auto-generated number to be part of the SKU.

Payroll Software

In today's fierce competitive business world, management needs to aim beyond survival. In the quest for market leadership a superior inventory software solution with advanced features like lot control, Kitting, Serial Number tracking and inventory management that is dependable, direct and robust.

SnowdropKCS Payroll offers a professional, flexible Payroll solution designed to fit the payroll needs of any business, no matter what size or industry. Our software supports UK, Republic of Ireland (RoI), Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey legislation.

We know that payroll is a tricky and sensitive business, which is why SnowdropKCS Payroll software includes an extensive range of features and services to make sure employees are paid accurately and on time.

Payroll Software Module

It doesn’t matter how many employees you have on your books, or how complex your structure, our Payroll module can cope with multiple company payroll tasks.

Because payroll processing can be complicated, with a wealth of legislation and data to consider every day, our Payroll software is designed to be easy-to-use. And our customers tell us we’ve succeeded.

The Payroll module meets the statutory payroll requirements for the HMRC PAYE recognition scheme, so you can be sure you’re meeting statutory payroll requirements for all your employees. Plus, our Payroll software is designed and supported by payroll professionals, keeping our tools continually relevant, so you can really improve your payroll management.  Choose a complete payroll management solution or combine it with our Personnel module for a more integrated approach.

Our Payroll module means you benefit from:

  • Payroll critical data, such as salary, benefit and absence details, seamlessly transferred from Personnel to Payroll, without the need for intervention from you.  You benefit from data that’s accurate and reliable and in time for processing.
  • Great time savings will be experienced by your payroll team.
  • When sharing details between modules you can be certain they’re always accurate, avoiding the need to re-enter details you’ve already recorded.

Sage HR & Payroll have developed functionality that will minimise the administrative burden and associated costs for Auto-enrolment. Find out how our software can support Auto-enrolment .

Book a Payroll Software demonstration today and let SnowdropKCS show you how payroll software can support your business

We also offer a level of flexibility that can meet the needs of any organisation, no matter how small, large or complex you are.

Absence management

For any employer, efficient sickness and absence management is key. Using absence management software helps companies keep track of those absent and why, helping you plan for the future and take action in time to make a difference.

Absence Management Software

Our Absence management module works with you to make sense of your absence data. It includes full absence history, as well as generating Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) payments.

You can monitor and analyse all types of absence, from jury service and holiday, to sickness, in hours, days, half days or weeks. Bringing clarity to your absence data helps you take corrective action, for example, where stress may be rife in a department, or ‘Monday Morning Syndrome’ has taken hold.

Book a demonstration of our

Maternity, paternity and adoption leave pay

Our Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave Pay module not only keeps you on top of legislation, but also automates all necessary calculations for you. For example, once you’ve entered the date of the expected birth, the earliest dates for maternity leave, payments (like SSP, SMP and SAP) and other details are all worked out without any effort from you.

New Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave Pay Changes

We know that things can change, for example, if maternity, paternity or adoption leave pay increases or decreases, or if an employee returns to work sooner than scheduled. With the Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave Pay Module, you can recalculate payments quickly and easily and keep records of all the different pay rates that apply. These details are then automatically transferred into the main Payroll system.

To find out more, book a demonstration of our Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave Pay Software today. If you’re also using our Personnel Management Software, information from this can be transferred seamlessly, to help you keep all your records consistent and up-to-date.

HMRC- recognised P11D Software

Collecting and storing information on taxable benefits can be a complex and time-consuming job, but it doesn’t have to be.

HMRC-recognised P11D Software Module

The SnowdropKCS P11D Software module, which is HRMC-recognised, allows you to quickly and easily record and retrieve information on a whole range of benefits. These include pensions, student loans and car allowances, all in accordance with the statutory HMRC requirements. So it doesn’t matter how many benefits or employees you have, the P11D Module will help you take care of them.

Or let us do it for you

Why not find out how we can manage your P11D processing for you? It’s one less thing to worry about.

Book a demonstration of our P11D Software .

Employee Payslip History

Day to day, payroll processing is probably your greatest concern. But what about when someone queries their payments?

Employee Payslip Data Archive

The Employee Payslip History module gives you immediate access to all previous payments. You can treat it like an archive for accessing for dipping into whenever you’re answering payroll queries, so you’re confident in your response.  That could be information on multiple payslips over a range of tax years, or just a single detail about an individual’s pay.

Employee Payslip History Calculations

Not only can you retrieve the information you need as soon as you need it. But with the Employee Payslip History module you can also automatically calculate employee payslip sums over different periods of time.  For example, you may want to know payments, deductions and cumulative totals within a given tax year, or year on year to compare.

Therefore, you make better sense of your data.

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Super payroll

Extensive and Flexible Payroll Features

The super payroll module is a highly flexible tool that allows you to run payrolls in the way that’s best suited to your business. That could be running the same routine across multiple payrolls, or processing more than one payroll at the same time.

When managing more than one organisation’s payroll, you’ll often need to compare performance, which is why we include sophisticated reports to allow you to do just that.

Book a demonstration of our Flexible Payroll Software module today.


Our payroll software includes an electronic payslip solution, which can completely automate your payslip distribution. ePayslips can save time producing and distributing payslips and save money on payroll stationery and printing costs.

ePayslips are very popular with employees as they can access their current and previous payslip details anytime from the office or at home.

With ePayslips you can:-

• Allow employees to securely view both current and historical payslips 24 hours a day 365 days a year